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Leisure can be carried out in different ways. This evening watching TV, and social networking and meeting with friends. But do not forget about such a wonderful occupation, such as reading books. We do not propose to give up all the options in favor of the book, but forget about the books is not necessary. The book - it is not just a source of knowledge acquisition, although this factor is not without significance. After all, the knowledge we receive not only from the scientific and educational literature. Any book, be it fantasy or romance novel, it gives a person certain knowledge. At least competent staging sentences and correct spelling of words. During the reading of the book triggered visual memory, you remember the correct spelling of words, and, in consequence, properly play them in writing. The book is full of figurative phrases, aphorisms. You memorize them and use in speech, thus making it a beautiful and diverse. In addition to knowledge, reading gives a person psychological harmony. While reading the book in the body of amazing things happen. Normalized pulse stabilizes the nervous system. 30 minutes of reading, in its effects on the body, equivalent to hour and a half walk in the park.

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